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» 19 янв 2016, 15:12

Stable update r221 includes significant changes to NW.js support as well as lots of important bug fixes and improvements since r216.

 Breaking change: NW.js support
NW.js recently made significant changes for the 0.13 update which required changes in Construct 2. There is more information in the r217 release notes. However in short:

NW.js 0.12.x and older only works with Construct 2 r216 and older
NW.js 0.13+ only works with Construct 2 r217 and newer

Consequently if you are updating from r216 or older, you must update NW.js. When updating, please visit scirra.com/nwjs and download and install the latest version of NW.js. The editor should notify you to do this the first time you try to export to NW.js, but you should do this immediately to avoid any chance of a broken export. Remember if for any reason you ever need to downgrade to Construct 2 r216 or older, similarly you will need to reinstall an older version of NW.js again.

NW.js 0.13.0 beta 4 is being released simultaneously with this stable update, however NW.js updates are coming more frequently now, so be on the lookout for newer versions.
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